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How to Stay Healthy in College | ItsMandarin x JCPenney

How to stay healthy in college, which I’m sure is something that we all try to do. I just wanted to help you guys learn some healthy tips that I kind of do when I try to live my healthy lifestyle in college, because college is just such a whole new experience, especially if you’re coming from high school.

If you’re a freshman college is so fun. And there’s so many new things coming at you at once that it’s so easy to kind of just start doing unhealthy lifestyle choices that you’re probably not used to doing. So in this video I’m going to mention my top five tips on how I keep a healthy lifestyle in college and how you guys can keep it as well. A lot of these are things that you probably hear a ton, which is like work out, drink water. But I wanted to, I don’t know, explain it in different ways that you probably haven’t heard of before. So hopefully you hear some new things in this video. Be sure to subscribe to this channel. That was probably a lot of talking. So let’s get on with my five tips. And this was such an obvious one. But it’s to get a good night’s rest. You know you always hear like get eight hours of sleep every night. I’d say aim for six to nine hours of sleep, because it definitely does vary on the person. Everyone’s different. For me I can thrive so well on six and seven hours of sleep.

But I have friends that need to get like a solid eight or nine to not even be cranky in the morning. Around this age everyone knows the amount of sleep that they need. So aim for that every single night, because, honestly, a disrupted sleep pattern can lead to weight gain, and other health problems, like getting sick and having higher levels of stress. So be sure you get a good amount of sleep every night. If you don’t, and you find yourself pulling all nighters, don’t be afraid to take a nap throughout the day, like BRB. I got this little fleece throw from JC Penney. And this was $5. I absolutely love it. I bring it with me everywhere. I even brought it with me to travel because it’s just comfy and it’s warm. This is really great, especially if you have this in your backpack. And I’ve done this where you go to the library late at night, and you kind of just need to sleep or take a nap.

Dude, have a blanket with you, and you can sleep anywhere. Stay active. Of course everyone hear it, and everyone’s like yeah, yeah, yeah. I work out, blah, blah, blah. Honestly you don’t understand how important this is. You will feel healthier overall. And it is hard to work out, to make yourself go to the gym. I’d say try to incorporate exercise the most natural way that you can in your everyday life. A really good tip that I have is to wear workout clothes to class. I’ve done this so many times, and it really does motivate you to go to the gym right after. It’s also important to have the right workout clothes. I have these workout yoga pants from JC Penney. And I love them. Oh my god. These are so comfy. I bought two pairs. I bought ones that are a little bit cropped. And I bought ones that go all the way down to my ankles. These ones are great because they have a fricking pocket, and you can put your phone in here.

I love it. I seriously love it. I also recommend getting a really breathable top. So I got this one at JC Penney as well. All of these were so cheap, by the way. So you don’t have to spend a ton of money on workout clothes. It’s nice to get a good long sleep because it can get super cold. So it’s nice to have one of these, especially if you want to go running in colder weather. Also along with workout clothes, you do want to make sure you have a really good pair of shoes. I just got these ones when I went to JC Penney. And I love these so much. They’re so cute. They have like this knitted, gray fabric on them. And these are just Puma shoes. Avoid late night junk food binges. And you probably know what I mean. Those nights when you go out with friends and I swear you’re just having a fun time, and it’s really late, and you get back, and you just have the urge to eat something.

We had this one place that would be open super late at night. And then all the freshmen after going out would come back and have late night waffles and breakfast burritos at AM. For me, I would come back home super late at night and eat bread, but a lot of bread. And hummus. That is such a go to for me. Try to avoid late night eating. If you’ve had enough calories in the day, you don’t want to go over that, because that just leads to more weight gain during the year.

If you are hungry at night maybe go for a healthier option, like apple slices and peanut butter, which probably doesn’t sound as satisfying. But to me it sounds really good. Choose your drinks wisely. And when I say drinks, that could mean so many different things. Definitely alcohol is such a big thing in college. So I’d say try to limit your amount of drinking. Drinking every single night and going out every weekend isn’t going to keep you from gaining weight throughout the year.

And it’s also not going to make you feel your best. Have a night that doesn’t have to focus around drinking and partying. I go out and eat with my friends so often. But when do go out to eat I never get sodas or sugary drinks, because that’s just empty calories that’s not really doing you any benefits. I’d say always start with a water when you go out to eat out at a restaurant. If you know you want to order some kind of drink besides water, I’d say still order the water because it’s really good with your digestion. And it’s always nice to stay hydrated.

Keep yourself busy. Now, you might think that you’re going to be really busy throughout the school year, going to classes, trying to make friends, and doing all these extracurricular activities. But you’re going to have so much downtime. I even have friends that got a job, or they started going to the gym so often. But if you’re like me I would just lay in bed and watch Netflix and YouTube videos. Don’t get me wrong. It’s always nice to give yourself that mental break, and kind of just get away from everyone and have your own downtime, but doing it for so often every single day isn’t going to make you feel any better about yourself, or get more energy, or make you feel healthy. All right you guys. And those are my five tips on how to stay fit or healthy in college. I know personally it is hard to start changing things up in your everyday life. But if you do do it every single day and stick with it, it will become part of your everyday life.

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