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Healthy life through a Plant-based diet (Online course)

Almost everything that they teach us about health, nutrition, and the human body is wrong. In this course, you will find out how your body truly functions and learn about information on nutrition that is based on science and not on money. Rich with fibers! Fibers, fibers! Consume with fibers! Rich with fibers! Like traffic controllers. Ah, you didn’t eat anything, you just ate bread, that’s nothing. Hey, I ate whole grain bread. ♪ <i>Ode to joy</i> ♪ Plant foods just win the battle in the first three rounds.

It’s a knockout! Fireee! ♪ Endothelium, endothelium ♪ Filtering and filtering and filtering, and filtering, and filtering and filtering and filtering and filtering Hey pancreas! I need insulin agents! How much do you need boss? Hey liver! You, let’s say, stand next to a bus. It farts. Water, cocoa, tea, fruits, vegetables! It’s not like, “piu, piu, piu”. It’s a huge bowl and it fills you up. I told you, I keep telling you, you are gonna regret it. Green leafy vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and green leafy vegetables. It sure is delicious. Protein, protein, protein! Calories. Protein, protein, protein! Calories. And you feel more powerful, you feel like a machine! To be happy, to be sharp. Oh you don’t eat this and that and all that, you will only live once, what are you doing?! Hey! What! What’d you say? Why is this information not getting to us? Why is this not in the media? Why is it not there? Why? What? What’s happening?! See you in the course.

♪ <i>Kostina</i> ♪.

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