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Gene linked to youthful looks has been discovered, scientists claim

If verified, this new discovery could help scientists understand how people’s faces change with time, and may ultimately lead to ways of slowing the most visible effects of ageing. Those in search of the fountain of youth should not hang…

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These Skin Care Ingredients Should Never Be Used At The Same Time

These days, it seems there’s a skin care product out there for everything. Want to reduce the look of fine lines? Reach for the retinol. Looking for a moisturizer that will keep your skin looking supple and glowy? Try something…

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25 Life Changing Beauty Lessons Ive Learned By 25

Sarah Gray 1. Using purple eyeshadow will always look like you got punched in the face. 2. Eyebrows frame your face. Don’t try to do them yourself because believe me, you will over pluck them. Go to a professional! 3….

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Is Drinking Collagen Really the Key to Eternal Youth?

Growing up, I always wondered how aging would work. Would I look in the mirror one morning to find my cheeks collapsed in random folds? To see the skin at the corners of my eyes crossed and recrossed by fine…

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