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3 best juices for diabetes | Natural Health

3 best juices for diabetes. The use of juices must be done with great care by those who have diabetes, as usual contains very high levels of sugar, such as orange juice or grape juice, for example. However, it is…

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10 Tips to Enjoy Carnival with Health | Natural Health

10 tips to enjoy carnival with health. To enjoy the carnival with health you must be alert to food, care for your skin and protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. Excessive alcohol and sun and bad sleep can have serious…

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Diet ot fight the symptoms of menopause | Natural Health

Diet to fight the symptoms of menopause. Properly following the diet guidelines in menopause is very important for the woman To go through this phase, feel better herself. During the menopause, the sudden hormonal changes that the woman faces causes…

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Secret to Health by Dr. Group

For over 20 years, he has passionately studied the art and science of natural healing and made it his mission to spread the word of health and wellness to the global community. Since founding Global Healing Center in 1998, he…

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