Best Essential Oil for Sex and Making Love

Couple making love with essential oil

Setting the right mood during intimate moments is the secret to great sex. Did you know that certain essential oils have aphrodisiac properties? Careful though! Not all essential oils are suited for the bedroom. Here’s the best essential oil for sex, making love, and romance.

Our Top Recommended Picks

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang is a flower that’s been used as an aphrodisiac for many centuries. Its pleasant floral scent is known to elevate your mood and increase sexual energy. This oil will also decrease blood pressure which is a sign of stress and fatigue.

If you want to try blending with other oils, Ylang ylang blends very well with the other essential oils on this list.


Jasmine before turning into essential oil

Jasmine has an uplifting, flowery, and arousing scent and is one of the most popular ingredient for perfume marketed toward attracting sexual partners. It is used to reduce anxiety, apathy, depression, and feelings of indifference and jasmine users also noted that they feel more alert, vigorous, and energetic.

Unlike the other essential oils on this list, many users prefer to use jasmine as a massage oil. Jasmine is a popular scent used in many Asian therapeutic sessions and giving your partner a massage during intimate moments is an excellent way to boost your sex drive.

Rose Oil

Rose before turning into essential oil

The sensual and romantic scent of roses is one of the reasons why roses are popular for Valentine’s Day. It’s not surprising that the essential oil version of roses is one of the best essential oils for sex.

The oil from the “flower of love” can have an anti-depressant effect with mood-lifting properties. Rose essential oil supports the circulatory system and blood flow which are crucial for an unforgettable sexual experience.


Neroli before turning into essential oil

Neroli oil is a citrus oil from the bitter orange tree and it has stimulant properties that increase your energy and fight off fatigue. This oil has been shown to affect perceived sexual desire for both men and women. Add a few drops of neroli oil in addition to other essential oils on this list like Ylang Ylang or jasmine.


Patchouli before turning into essential oil

Patchouli has an earthy, woodsy aroma, and reduces anxiety, increases energy, and stimulates desire while decreasing inhibitions. Similar to neroli oil, patchouli oil should be blended with Ylang Ylang, clary sage, or jasmine for a balanced scent.


All the essential oils we mentioned previously are great for sex and making love. However, it’s best to try a few of them to find out which ones work best for you.

Once you find the best ones, you can also mix them and create powerful combinations. Just remember to add a few drops in your diffuser before intimate moments.